Meet The Movers And Shakers Of Miami Beach

As a response to an article posted on New York Times:

A 1993 Miami New Times post, Confessions of a Lounge Lizard, by Tom Austin, described Capponi as a promoter with a greater calling.

As Michael Capponi, Michael Grieco, and Moishe Mana gather together at one of Miami Beach’s top dining spots, there is an electric energy in the air that seems to follow Michael Capponi wherever he goes. Michael has been one of Miami’s most successful entrepreneurs, and he talks lovingly about the construction of this new mecca for Miami diners. Like he has done since the 1980s, Capponi continues to see South Beach as the number one location for nightlife in the USA.

His latest project is an app that has become his most cherished project. InList is his attempt to revolutionize the nightlife industry, and the members-only app will make it easy to book nightlife experiences from Los Angeles to Dubai. Given his prior track record of success, there is no reason to think that InList will not be a huge hit with the men and women who love to party.